IOHG introducing Optimal Insoles

Our Ethos

International Optimal Health Group’s (IOHG) main goal is to improve human’s quality of life and become a part of everyday living. That is why we have designed with our German associates the world’s most sophisticated insoles that are powered by Systemic Natural Frequency Technology (SNFT). The SNFT is a unique German made, high-tech material that re-establishes the bio-energetic balance in your feet* (via the earthing sensation 7.83Hz) keeping you healthy and performing at your best all day long.


Furthermore, International Optimal Health Group has engineered a footbed out of the most advanced Open Cell PU Foam Technology (OCPUFT). The OCPUFT distributes the ideal amount of comfort, support and relief for the entire stride that causes stress and fatigue to the entire human body.

International Optimal Health Group is a proud eco-conscious company and that is why all our insoles contain silica gels that are eco-friendly, flexible and ergonomically designed. Ultimately, while International Optimal Health Group protects the environment, our insoles strengthen your feet and provide you with the right amount of dynamic underfoot energy return.

Optimal Insoles are designed to suit all types of casual and sports shoes/work boots as a replacement for the original insole.

In a nutshell, Optimal Insoles perform just like a Bosu Ball. They respond to your body weight pressure and movement, protecting your feet from negative vibrations caused by your motor activity.

*Validated by an Independent Test Laboratory